26 April 2005

Brendan Nyhan: Brownstein falls for centrist third party fantasy --Brendan Nyhan tells us why Joe Trippi is an idiot and why a centrist/Internet third party won't happen. (1:10 AM)

23 April 2005

Earth Day Roundup --Katrina vanden Heuvel points to some environmental victories to cheer us up from the blues we might be feeling after media girl highlights the difference between out inheritance and our legacy in pictorial form. Eli thinks that some environmentalists have forgotten the "Earth" in Earth Day. Crooks and Liars catches some appropriate George W. Bush Earth Day footage. (10:42 AM)

22 April 2005

Jeffords RoundUp --David Sirota says that Republican Governor Jim Douglas is rightfully reluctant to run for a seat that is Bernie Sanders' to lose. Bob Brigham lists the Vermont Cattle Call. Bradford Plumer remembers that Jeffords saved Bush. (7:39 PM)

Black Robes, White Smoke --Sandy Levinson thinks that the College of Cardinals and the Supreme Court bear some similarities. (7:37 PM)

Picking on the Religious Kid --Laura McKenna thinks that liberal bloggers who bash religious types are like playground bullies. (7:31 PM)

20 April 2005

No One Likes an Asshole --Susan Paxton calls out some on the left for being assholes just because they don't like Benedict XVI. (2:04 AM)

14 April 2005

The Meta-Campaign in Pennsylvania --Rick Grucza thinks that the Senate Pennsylania primary match-up between Chuck Pennachio and Bob Casey Jr. pits "the neo-liberal techno-savvy Democrats against the old-line blue-collar party faithful" and that "Democrats have been arrogant and foolish in their shunning of pro-life candidates." (7:28 AM)

All the Presidents MP3s --A few people had thoughts on the president's iPod playlist. Katrina vandel Heuvel suggests some tracks. The Republic of T notes that a friend importing tracks onto your iPod is considered stealing by some. Black at the Next Left is intrigued by the inclusion of Blackie and the Rodeo Kings.
Paul Schmelzer wonders why the media is more interested in the president's playlist than in his policies. Eli uses the inclusion of "My Sharona" to proclaim that Ariel Sharon owns Bush. Roxanne merely thinks the song may be included because Dubya thinks it is Israel-related. (6:45 AM)

13 April 2005

Detention Ain't Just for Afterschool --Helena Cobban points to a story that the U.S. Army has plans to remain in Iraq until at least 2009. (6:07 AM)

12 April 2005

Nice to See They Don't Suck at Everything -- Angelica at
points out that even libertarians think that the French health care system is better than America's. (6:30 AM)

On Wal-Mart --Ed Fitzgerald points to a coalition forming to try to change how Wal-Mart does business. David Sirota notes that Colorado has pending legislation to publish a list of companies (like Wal-Mart) with little or no health insurance and how much they cost the state in health care. Meanwhile, the Wal-Mart public relations net, is spreading. (6:08 AM)

Group Blogs Suck --Brendan Nyhan says, "Group blogs suck" and doesn't have high hopes for Josh Marshall's endeavor in that field. (6:08 AM)

That Vision Thing --Bradford Plumer thinks that the Democrats need a grand economic vision to help form policies and a political message. (5:56 AM)