31 March 2005

A Pro-Lifer Who Is Pro-Life --The Carpetbagger Report thinks that Harry Reid has picked a winning line by focusing on abortion prevention. (10:06 PM)

I Wonder If He Is Angry About This --Anry Arab notes that "if you have more than a billion dollar, and if you fly in a private jet, and if you meet regularly with Iyad Allawi (puppet prime minister/car bomber/embezzler-in-yemen/former Saddam henchman) in Iraq, and if you invite famous and rich dignatories to your fancy Paris apartment, the security council will hold a special meeting if you are murdered." (9:35 PM)

Econ Round-Up --General Glut notes that a lot of center-left economics blogs are contemplating Bretton Woods II and Asian central banks. (9:28 PM)

This One's for the Children --David Bailey thinks it is vastly underreported that chld malnutrition has doubled since the fall of Saddam Hussein. (3:46 AM)

Why Be the Boss? --Bradford Plumer wonders why the U.S. should maintain its hegemony. (3:42 AM)

Who's Gonna Cash This Check? --Calculated Risk says that we are buying GDP growth with debt, which would not look so good if the U.S. were a company. (1:33 AM)

30 March 2005

Israeli TV Is Racist! --Mark Elf links to a report on how Israeli TV appears to be biased against Sephardic Jews, Arabs, the Ultra-Orthodox, recent immigrants, and women in favor of more secular male Jews of European descent who have been in the country for a while. (10:47 PM)

Italian Lesson for the Day --Jeanne D'Arc tells us the true meaning of "Schiavo." (5:49 PM)

Does This Mean Dubya Is the Antichrist? --Pam at Big Brass Blog laughs at a Christian group that thinks that RFID devices are the "mark of the beast." (5:16 PM)

Lies, Damned Lies, and CIA Lies --Elaine Supkis cites her father's work in several presidential administrations in noting that the CIA (justifiably) lies as a matter of principle, but that the Bush administration goes farther. (4:20 PM)

Cry for Help --Jaye Ramsey Sutter notes that students sometimes writes about being abused or raped in their essay for the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills and adds an anecdote about her own students. (2:54 PM)

Does a Change of Heart Mean Conservatives Are Actually Compassionate? --Ed Brayton is amused by the right's about face on Jessie Jackson. (2:48 PM)

29 March 2005

The Rest of the Story --Over at Think Progress, Nico lists the things the conservative mainstream media won't be telling you about the U.N. oil-for-food scandal. (10:38 PM)

At Least They Don't Sell Women's Shoes --Matt Singer writes on why no one likes economists. (10:35 PM)

It'll be on the SATs: Private:Personal::RFID:BLANK --Paul Schmelzer notes that the government will use RFIDs without calling them RFIDs. (10:16 PM)

Antonin Scalia and Originalism --Over at the American Street, Jeff Alworth finds a lot of similarities between Justice Scalia's literal interpretation of the law and similar approaches in the fields of literary criticism and theology. (10:14 PM)

The Hidden Threat --David Neiwert thinks that the Bush administration is playing politics by intentionally leaving off right-wing groups and stressing eco-terorism in a report on domestic terrorism. (9:58 PM)

That GD GDP --Nathan Newman notes that the Brazilian government's use of open source software is good for the people yet bad for GDP. (8:19 PM)

Pro-Life --The Bull Moose wants the left and the right on the blogosphere to united in a "Blog for Darfur" day. (8:09 PM)

The Arab Center --The Aardvark thinks that Jon Alterman's contention that Arab democritization needs centrist political figures is worth thinking about. (8:01 PM)

Environmental Grist --Gristmill< points to a week-long email dialogue on the fate of environmentalism between representatives of four grant-making foundations on the Grist Magazine website. (7:57 PM)

28 March 2005

Hero Worship --David Sirota calls Lou Dobbs a hero for criticizing the Bush administration appointment of Rob Portman as U.S. Trade Representative. (1:59 PM)

Carnival Time --Freiheit und Wissen is calling for submissions for a Carnival of the Un-Capitalists. (1:57 PM)

Carnival Time --Freiheit und Wissen is calling for submissions for a Carnival of the Un-Capitalists. (1:56 PM)

Faith-Based Initiative --Bradford Plumer ponders why Democrats are struggling with religion. (1:39 PM)

The Terror! The Terror! --Philip Klinkner of PolySigh examines the 2004 NES data and finds that George W. Bush won in 2004 because of terrorism. (3:52 AM)

Social Security 101 --Neil Buchanan at Left2Right explains as an economist specializing in government budgeting issues exactly the nature of the Social Security Trust Fund. (3:49 AM)

The Prefix Google- Is the New -Gate. --Juan Cole suggests that the right wing is using a tactic which he calls a "GoogleSmear." (3:38 AM)

What Are Moderates Smoking? --Brendan Nyhan thinks that a moderate third party eschewing extremists on both ends is a fantasy. (3:24 AM)

Rape Academy? Wasn't That a Troma Film? --media girl is pissed off that the Air Force is going to take "no administrative administration" as a result of "confirmed and repeated sexual assault" at the Air Force Academy due to "policy tradeoffs and compromises." (3:04 AM)

The Future of the Filibuster --ACSBlog pimps ACS member Michael Gerhardt's upcoming essay on "The Constitutionality of the Filibuster." (2:57 AM)

When You Think of the Environment, You Think of NASCAR --Frank O'Donnell doesn't see much substance in NASCAR's response to Clean Air Watch's question about continued use of leaded fuel. (2:53 AM)

23 March 2005

A Pox on the Democratic House? --the Talking Dog is upset that his fellow liberals are more united over Terry Schiavo than it ever was on the war in Iraq. (11:45 PM)

Birds of a Feather --Arthur Silber points us to a Chris Sciabarra essay that finds that Ward Churchill, Ayn Rand, and Osama bin Laden have similar views on moral complicity. (11:42 PM)

What's Up, Doc? --Liberal Oasis wants you to ask the Nashville Academy of Medicine to request that Bill Frist have his medical license revoked for violating the AMA Code of Medical Ethics. (11:39 PM)

Live Blogging Brookings --Ruy Texeira at DonkeyRising live-blogged the Brookings event "The Impact of the New Media." (11:34 PM)

Wasn't That a Paula Cole song? --jeanne at Body and Soul asks, "Where are all the good conservative bloggers?" (11:32 PM)

China? Krikey! --Kenneth Anderson points to Hugh White on Australia drifting into China's sphere of influence. (11:28 PM)

I Guess the Blog Title Actually Fits --At Seeing The Forest, Dave Johnson tells progressive bloggers that they are completely missing the point and failing to argue against the Republican narrative. (11:13 PM)

Those Who Can't, Blog --Crooked Timber's Daniel Davies concludes that the Lancet study on Iraq casualties has inspired an epidemic of people who ony think they understand statistics and names Patient Zero. (11:09 PM)

It Ain't Easy Being Green --Charles Bird has some thoughts on the failings of the enivronmental movement. (10:53 PM)

There She Goes. . . . --Mark Schmitt at The Decembrist describes "Miss America Conservatives" who pick a narrow issue as a platform to show that they are really compassionate. (10:48 PM)

Out of Touch, Out of Mind --The Bull Moose thinks that the Schiavo case shows that the right is becoming out of touch with its populist base. (10:42 PM)

As If a Bush Summit Is Better --Abu Aardvark thinks that Arab summit meetings are "generally pointless and uninteresting" and goes in search of evidence. (10:27 PM)

22 March 2005

Surveying the Blogosphere --Chris Bowers of MyDD lists the results of the most recent Blogads reader survey. (12:22 PM)

Mercury Makes My Head Spin --Frank O'Donnell outlines Bush administration lies about mercury emissions. (12:30 AM)

A Hands Off Policy --Rexa Nasri is calling for a hands off policy to support democritization in Iran on the anniversary of the nationalization of the oil industry there. The Letter N lists some participating sites. (12:20 AM)

21 March 2005

Was This on the SATs? --Juan Cole notes that Vietnam is a horrible analogy for what is going on in Iraq. (5:23 PM)

Sirotablog: The Hook & Bullet Vote --David Sirota points to a Rocky Mountain News article about how the Democrats are attracting the "Hook and Bullet vote" of hunters, fishermen, and outdoorsmen. (5:18 PM)

General Terry Marches Into Florida --Mark A. R. Kleiman notes that Operation Rescue's Randall Terry has entered the Schiavo fray. (5:16 PM)

But Will He Lose the Vote of Ohio State and Michigan alums? --The Bull Moose suggests thinking outside the box and nominating Bobby Knight in 2008. (5:10 PM)

The Wiki Front of the War --BOPnews's Adam Stanhope notes the battle going on over the Terri Schiavo article at Wikipedia. (4:23 PM)

I Am Shocked, Just Shocked, That the Bush Administration Might Have a Hidden Agenda --Matthew Yglesias wonders why no one is discussing the permanent military bases that are part of the Bush Iraq policy. (4:06 PM)

What's Not at Issue in the Schiavo Case --Pandagon's Amanda Marcotte writes on why she believes that Terry Schiavo's bulemia is a relative non-issue. (4:04 PM)

20 March 2005

Betting on Re(e)d --Over at The Carpetbagger Report Morbo has a guest post on Ralph Reed organizing Christians against casinos while taking money from a lobbying group for a Native American tribe that had a casino and didn't want competition. (9:09 PM)

GOP Slipping in the Backdoor --The Next Hurrah's DHinMI suggests that Republican efforts to woo black voters are not intended to actually woo black voters. (8:08 PM)

I'm Rather Unsure About All Of This --Ezra Klein makes note of some of the conclusions of the independent report on CBS, Dan Rather, and the Bush documents. (7:59 PM)

Dream Date --David Sirota thinks that Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour is the ideal opponent in 2008. (7:52 PM)

Another Hawk Flying Higher? --American Leftist passes along speculation on Paul Wolfowitz's possible replacement, U.S. ambassador to Turkey, Eric Edelman. (7:45 PM)

Amarji - A Heretic's Blog: The Thin Heretical Line! --Syrian Ammar Abdulhamid write on the flaws of fatalism and the lack of realism in contemplating the Middle East. (7:41 PM)

19 March 2005

There's Nothing Sexier Than a Girl in Yankee Pinstripes --Crossposted at her own blog Mouse Words and at Pandagon, Amanda Marcotte takes issue with an article against women in sports. (1:45 PM)

Monkeying Around --Via ACSBlog, we find Kung Fu Munkey>/a>'s views on whether judges can subvert democracy. (1:41 PM)

But What Will He Write About When It's Over --Like the mainstream media flocking around the Michael Jackson Case, Florida law blogger Matt Conigliaro at Abstract Appeal has a lot to say about Terry Schiavo. The difference is, he has actual content. (1:21 PM)

18 March 2005

The Long Comparison --Stirling Newbury at The Agonist looks back at George Kennan's famous "Long Telegram" and how it mirrors today's foreign policy needs. (3:06 PM)

The RIght-Wing Blogosphere --Chris Bowers at MyDD writes about how liberal bloggers are being excluded from blogging conferences. (2:39 PM)

Bush League Economic Team --Kash at Angry Bear alerts us to a story in The Economist on the weakness and dangers of George W. Bush's economic team. (2:27 PM)

The OPEC Windmill --Juan Cole writes about how any plot to get rid of OPEC is futile. (2:17 PM)

Lefkow Aftermath --Even though it seems like Matt Hale and sympathizers were not involved in the Lefkow murders, both Mac-a-ro-nies and The American Street's David Neiwert are more interested in thinking about the white supremacy movement. (12:24 AM)

The Scalia Follies --Over at Left2Right, Don Herzog things that Left2Right: Justice Scalia made a blooper. Brad DeLong thinks it is un-American. Ed Brayton finds him baffling.

On another front, TalkLeft things that Scalia is a hypocrite. (12:13 AM)

17 March 2005

The Pen and the Sword --Abu Aardvark finds some chilling things in his reading of Kenneth Payne's article The Media as an Instrument of War in an academic journal of the Army War College. (11:49 PM)

Is It Yet Another Political Book About George W. Bush? --A lot of people are talking about Princeton philosophy professor Harry G. Frankfurt's On Bullshit, including Teagan Goddard, onegoodmove, Paul Schmelzer, and The Green Knight. (6:01 PM)

Semantics --Jesse at Pandagon on why there are no social liberals in the Democratic party. (5:20 PM)

What Is Good? --Over at The Sideshow, Avedon Carol writes on not linking to "good" conservatives. (4:48 PM)

Calling a Spade a Spade --Over at The Left Coaster, eRiposte has a guest post serving as an Introduction to the Illiberal Conservative Media (ICM). (2:01 PM)

And If This Doesn't Work, We Try the Cement Shoes --Over at The Next Hurrah, DemFromCT notes the plight of Republican New England moderates.
(1:49 PM)

Attorney General Auditions? --Just in case Alberto Gonzales be omes indisposed, Eugene Volokh is pro-torture. See the indignation from Matthew Yglesias, Liberals Against Terrorism,

Bloggers Shouldn't All Look Like Vanilla Ice --After Juan Cole started writing about white male dominance of blogging, a bunch of people jumped on the bandwagon, including Chris Nolan, , Super Hanc Petram, TalkLeft, War and Piece, and Kevin Drum. Doubtless, more will follow.

UPDATE: Hullabaloo weighs in.

UPDATE 2: Ogged has the contrary view. (6:08 AM)

16 March 2005

Arabs Have Opinions Too --Over at the redundantly named Liberals Against Terrorism, Brian Ulrich write on the link between Arab opinion on terrorism and Arab opinion on U.S. foreign policy. (7:52 PM)

Choose Your Own Adventure: AP Edition --Stacie at The Vast Dairy State Conspiracy alerts us to an Editor & Publisher story about stories with multiple possible leads. Plus, she has a cool contest. (7:37 PM)

Crying Wolfowitz --With the surprise recommendation of Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz for World Bank President, the blogosphere is taking note.

Among those reacting are Angry Bear, The Next Left, Kevin Drum, Sarah Wildman at TAPPED, Matthew Yglesias, and Daily Kos.

For shorter, snarkier reactions, check out American Samizdat, The Agonist, Matthew Gross, Suburban Guerilla, Demcoratic Veteran, and Oliver Willis.

UPDATE: CJR Daily covers the mainstream media's coverage.

UPDATE 2: Wonkette has her typical take on things. Meanwhile, The Left Coaster describes the overseas reaction.

UPDATE 3: American Samizdat points out that this plays well on the Israeli street. Meanwhile, the Arms Control Wonk isn't that upset. (5:29 PM)

Fox News: They "Report," Everyone With a Brain Snickers. --The Lion and the Donkey, the official blog of the Columbia Democrats passes along this Fox story: On his show, “The Big Story,” John Gibson claims that Italian hostage Giuliana Sgrena staged her kidnapping and cooperated with her captors for a share of the ransom money. Unbelievable.. (3:55 PM)

The Bob Jones Legal Doctrine --Talkleft alerts us to a ,a href="http://www.nytimes.com/2005/03/16/national/16juries.html?">New York Times story which states that:

The convictions of dozens of death-row inmates in California are coming under legal scrutiny because of accusations that Jews and black women were excluded from juries in capital trials in Alameda County as "standard practice." (11:42 AM)

Is the Next John Kerry in da Hizzouse? --Via The Next Hurrah, Iraqi Veterans Against the War arr planning some protests. (9:33 AM)

Single-Issue Blogs --THE DAILY DELAY gives you the latest on Tom DeLay's ethics violations. I'm surprised they don't update more often than InstaPundit.

UPDATE: The Bull Moose makes an apt comparison.

UPDATE 2: The Burnt Orange Report rounds up some blog action on this front. (7:08 AM)

Happy Birthday, Russ! --Over at The Vast Dairy State Conspiracy, Stacie gives a trip report of Russ Feingold's birthday party. He's 52. (5:49 AM)

I Thought They Were the Saskatchewan *Rough* Riders --BOPnews tells us why Canada opting out of the missle defense treaty is not a free rider problem. (5:43 AM)

He Knows Religious Leaders As Well As He Knows Political Leaders --The Angry Arab News Service notes that George W. Bush once again show either ignorance or willful disregard for Islam. (5:21 AM)

The Kos of DNS Issues --Over at MyDD, DavidNYC tells you how to access DailyKos while it is having problems with GoDaddy.com. (Click here)

UPDATE: Kos says it may have been a hijack attempt. (5:05 AM)

Those Who Don't Know History Are Condemned to Make Wrong Accusations --Over at Poly Sigh, Hamilton College professor Philip Klinkner explains how John Kerry was actually making a historical reference when he said the Busg administration was fighting "the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time." (4:52 AM)

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Tom Delay Has Got to Go --The Burnt Orange Report points to an editorial suggesting that the Republicans need to dump Tom Delay as majority leader in the Austin American-Statesman. (4:44 AM)

He's no Jimmy Carter --A female blogger in Iraq tells us why Ahmed Chalabi deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. Hehe. (4:17 AM)

12 March 2005

Welcome --At some point, this blog will be operative. (1:49 PM)