16 March 2005

Crying Wolfowitz --With the surprise recommendation of Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz for World Bank President, the blogosphere is taking note.

Among those reacting are Angry Bear, The Next Left, Kevin Drum, Sarah Wildman at TAPPED, Matthew Yglesias, and Daily Kos.

For shorter, snarkier reactions, check out American Samizdat, The Agonist, Matthew Gross, Suburban Guerilla, Demcoratic Veteran, and Oliver Willis.

UPDATE: CJR Daily covers the mainstream media's coverage.

UPDATE 2: Wonkette has her typical take on things. Meanwhile, The Left Coaster describes the overseas reaction.

UPDATE 3: American Samizdat points out that this plays well on the Israeli street. Meanwhile, the Arms Control Wonk isn't that upset. (5:29 PM)