06 April 2005

Cornyn Roundup --The left blogosphere is up in arms over John Cornyn's recent comments. Think Progress has the video of it. Yuval Rubinstein thinks that we should view Cornyn within the context of a hegemony seeking Republican Party. Oliver Willis notes that Corwyn supported the conservative Southern segregationist George C. Wallace in 1968. Quiddity interprets Corwyn as wondering " if the perception of unaccountable judges is causing courtroom violence" and rounds up a list of political figures who are creating this perception. tbogg has "The (Shorter) Judicial Philosophy of Senator John Cornyn." David Bailey finds another part of Cornyn's speech interesting. .DHinMI thinks that The Right is practicing a double-standard. Aziz P. thinks that in Cornyn's "quest for short-term political advantage, he has cut his nose to spite his face." Nathan Newman thinks that there is an unnecessarily liberal feeding frenz around Corwyn and we should should instead "welcome him to a broader discussion of the sources of violence in our society." (8:42 AM)