07 April 2005

Powerline Roundup --TalkLeft has the "Shorter Powerline" on the GOP Schiavo memo. Michael at Here's What's Left can't understand why Powerline's hatred of the left requires them to claim the AP is an accomplice to murder without any evidence. He also wonders why the Powerline gang needs to put false words in the mouth of Ruth Bader Ginsberg in order to have a "national dialogue about pretend issues and fake judiciary." Digby wonders if there "has there ever been a bigger bunch of vainglorious nobodies in the history of the world."

Update: August J. Pollak notes Powerline's non-apology, while John at Big Brass Blog is waiting for one. Ezra Klein thinks they have no idea what they are talking about and we should stop taking them seriously. (When did we start?) (12:05 AM)